A service company, dedicated to the Corporate Financial Management, acting as responsible for financial operations of our customers.

In addition to secrecy, we are guided by ethics, efficiency and safety, respecting Corporate Compliance policies, limits of jurisdictions, practice of disbursements authorization and specificity of each company and its

Our Services:

  • Management of Accounts Payable: suppliers, taxes, salaries, benefits, and other charges;

  • Management of Billing, Accounts Receivable control and customer insolvency;

  • Treasury Management through the bank accounts administration, investments and loans;

  • Management of Cash Flow - current and future;

  • Exchange operations - financial obligations with international suppliers / imports,
    receivables from foreign markets / export, Controllers investment and shareholders return;

  • Budget Control and monitoring costs;

  • Financial Planning.

  • The PJ Finance Services is able to provide accurate information and better tools for decision making on the following subjects:

    Income from operations

    Measuring the results by the business at the end of each period. It may be broken down by subsidiaries, business units, products, sectors, segments or departments. That study provides a real view of profit or loss, as an important tool for analysis and correction of distortions


    Identify the level of activity / income necessary to cover all its costs and make the expected profit.

    Cash Flow

    Provide an overview of the company's cash flow, assisting in financial planning.

    Financial Restructurin

    Global analysis of financial operations in order to enhance their performance by optimizing resources, negotiating fees with financial institutions and orientation of new forms of financing.

    Debt and Liquidity

    Direct credit lines and loans negotiation in order to manage the company's indebtedness. Develop improvement plan and encourage improvements in its liquidity.


    Control the processes of billing and due to, to ensure receipt by preventive charging and negotiate with defaulters.


    Provide reports to enable meeting the demands of each customer with the flexibility to customize them in the proper format.